Italy/Iberia - Qualifier #1

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    Team (4)
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2020-10-26 23:59 CET
2020-09-16 10:00 CEST

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Samsung Odyssey League Update

To increase the competitiveness of our tournament we made the decision to merge Italy with Iberia. Since four (4) teams already qualified for the final in the first Italian Qualifier, the top three (3) teams of each cup qualify to the Knockouts.

This first cup is exclusively for Iberian teams. Italian teams can join in Qualifiers #2, #3 and #4.

Important Information

Registration Start: 2020-09-16 10:00 GMT+2
Check-In Start: 2020-10-26 18:30 GMT+1
Registration End: 2020-10-26 19:00 GMT+1

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Quick rules

Player restrictions: The country of residence of at least three (3) out of the four (4) players of a team has to be within each Regional Qualifier's region for the team to be eligible to play in the respective Qualifier and subsequent stages. Players must have reached the age required in their country to play PUBG. Players who already qualified for the National Knockouts cannot participate in further Qualifier Cups.

Tournament format: The tournament is split into three phases: Regional Qualifiers and Regional Knockouts for eight regions and the European Final.

Support: The administration can only be contacted via support tickets. Any other form of communication may be ignored.

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